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Ford (of Britain) launched the “E1A Fordson Major” tractor in 1952 with a new overhead valve 4 cylinder 220 cubic inch diesel engine. The engine was known as the “4D”. Shortly afterwards the “4D” was made available for fitting into the “Thames ET6/7” range of lorries (up to 5 tons payload) there was also a petrol version of the engine of approx. 200 cubic inches.

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Thames Trader - Ford 4D & 6D Engine Parts

The competition however offered a truck with a 7 tons payload, so Ford needed a new model of lorry to compete. The new truck was known as the “Thames Trader” and was launched in May 1957 with the option of a “4D” or a new “6D” engine depending on payload, the lorry was manufactured at the Ford Dagenham plant in Essex.

The 6D option was simply a 6 cylinder version of the existing 4D and therefore had an engine capacity of 330 cubic inches. A petrol version was also available with 300 cubic inches.

The Thames Trader and Industrial engines were produced until 1965 whilst the Fordson Major ceased production in 1964.

During the production run of these engines 1952-1965 numerous minor changes were made, although the engines retained the basic design and dimensions throughout this period. More significant changes include:

  • Launch of a MK2 engine in 1957 with high crown pistons and a thicker cylinder head gasket.
  • The sealing of the cylinder liners moved to two O rings in 1961. One at the top and one at the bottom, instead of the previous design of used one O ring at the bottom.
  • The use of a Simms Minimec mechanical governed fuel pump instead of a vacuum governed Simms pumps in 1962.

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Engine Types/Applications

There were effectively three applications for the 4D engine : Agricultural/Automotive/Industrial. The agricultural engine had a lower rated speed of 1800 rpm versus the automotive version which was 2400 rpm. The Industrial engine has slight differences like a decompressor to enable starting with a handle.

The 6D engine only had two major applications Automotive and Industrial, although a limited number of 6D engines were used in Agriculture by companies like County and Roadless in 6 cylinder 4 wheel drive Fordson Majors. Other limited applications included combine harvesters but these were basically industrial engines being used for agriculture. Ford Dagenham never really developed an agricultural version of this engine and never built a 6 cylinder Fordson major although many were later converted.

Ford D Series Engine Parts

In April 1965 Ford launched the “D-Series” lorry to replace the Thames Trader, these lorries were fitted with a whole range of new engines. The truck was launched in competition with the Bedford TK produced by General Motors in Dunstable. Initially the range covered rigid trucks with gross weights of 5 to 13 tons, and tippers from 11 tons to 13 tons. Later developments featuring twin rear axles and articulated models enabled higher gross weights to be introduced.

Three new diesel engines were developed with dry cylinder liners with a new cylinder block, cylinder head and sump for the trucks as follows:

  • 4 cylinder diesel 3933 cc, 240 cu in
  • 6 cylinder diesel 5409 cc, 330 cu in
  • 6 cylinder diesel 5948 cc, 360 cu in

The claimed power range was between 83bhp and 128bhp.

Additionally in 1968 a turbocharged 6 cylinder 360T was launched.

As on the Bedford TK the cab was positioned above the engine, engine access being achieved by tilting the entire cab forward. The engines were installed at 45 degrees from the vertical.

April 1967 saw the range expanded upwards with the arrival of the Phase II D1000 series, designed for operation up to 28 tons gross, the D1000s were powered by Cummins produced V8 diesel engine with 7.7 litres displacement.

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Parts for Ford Cargo Engines

The Ford Cargo replaced the D series in European markets with the launch in 1981 of the Dover 90, 110, 130, 150 series of engines as follows:

  • Dover 90 4 cylinder diesel 4149 cc, 255 cu in
  • Dover 110 6 cylinder diesel 5947 cc, 360 cu in
  • Dover 130 6 cylinder diesel 6224 cc, 380 cu in
  • Dover 150 6 cylinder turbocharged diesel 5947 cc, 360 cu in

For Australasia the Ford N series truck was offered powered by Cummins and Caterpillar engine units.

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Ford Dagenham Engine-Marine Applications

Ford themselves never produced a marine version of their engines, however many of their industrial engines were marinised by third party companies including Mermaid, Sabre, Lehman including the 2710 and 2720 range of engines.

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