Driven By Quality

The Engine Fix UK was launched in 2002 by the Power-All International engineering group which was established in 1992, with the prime objective of supplying high quality engineered diesel engine components for the servicing, repair and recondition of the world, finest diesel engines primarily to the retail market

Engine Fix UK provides excellence in advanced engine components, which meet and often exceed the exacting standards set by vehicle and OE engine manufacturers, Engine Fix UK is fast becoming recognised as a brand that is recognised for supplying products that meet performance, reliability and durability expectations of our customers. We have over 100 years engine products engineering experience and expertise in engineering, manufacturing and supplying engine components and mechanical assemblies for the world’s diesel engine manufacturers. Our parts will adhere to the industry’s toughest standards and meet the expectation of our customers.

Below we set out our Quality Objectives for our company:

  1. We want technical leadership - Our goal is to continue to improve technologically through commitment and creativity
  2. We want to satisfy customers - The driving force of our business is quality to provide the platform to reach and exceed the expectations of our customers.
  3. We seek continuous improvement - Our goal is to strive for an outstanding position as a leader of worldwide distribution of engine parts to customer requirements.
  4. We want to exercise total commitment to quality - To ensure our products and services are right first time

Additionally our Quality Manual is available which outlines further our policies and procedures.

Please click here to view the full copy of Engine-Fix UK - Quality Manual