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Here at Engine Fix UK we cover the vast majority of the Perkins range from vintage to classic to modern day engines. We supply all the major mechanical engine parts including pistons, piston rings, liners, gaskets, crank seals, gasket sets, valve train parts, water oil and fuel pumps, plus much more.

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About Perkins Engines

Perkins engine partsPerkins was established in 1932 to design and manufacture high speed diesel engines, the founders were Frank Perkins and Charles Chapman a talented Design Engineer. Before Chapman and Perkins the diesel engine was a heavy slow revving workhorse, lacking performance. Chapman’s concept was to design a high speed diesel - an engine that could challenge the petrol engine as the primary motive power. The world’s first high speed diesel engine was Perkin’s 4 cylinder Vixen which made its debut in 1932 and within 3 years Perkins had acquired numerous world diesel speed records and introduced further engines called the Wolf and Leopard.

Sales were strong and by World War II the company made two series of engine, P4 and P6, after the war the company went public and established a number of licensees for local manufacturing and sales.

Massey Ferguson

Perkins was purchased by its largest customer MF in 1959, keeping it as a separate identity, in 1994 it became a subsidiary of LucasVarity, development continued and Perkins updated its engines to meet stricter emissions regulations while developing new series engines for power generation and forklift trucks. During the 1990’s Perkins primary customers were Massey Ferguson, Caterpillar, JCB, FG Wilson and Naaco.


A major supplier to Caterpillar since the 1970’s, Perkins was purchased by Caterpillar in 1998, creating what was claimed to be the world’s largest diesel engine manufacturer. With an ever expanding global footprint Perkins now has manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, China , India and a joint venture with Ishikawajima – Shibaura Machinery company in Japan. One sales outcome of the Caterpillar acquisition is that JCB took the decision to develop its own engine and reduce considerably the Perkins engines that were fitted to JCB models.


In 1984 Perkins acquired Roll-Royce Diesels of Shrewsbury to supply British Rail with engines for its multiple units, a further acquisition was made in 1986 to purchase Gardner Engines to complement their line of lighter diesel engines.

Engine Range P6/P4/P3

During the mid 1930’s Perkins conceived a 6-cylinder engine design P6 (Panther) then followed on with a 4 cylinder P4 engine (Puma) and a 3 cylinder P3 engine (Python). Success on the P6 engine happened quickly and by 1938 the engine was being offered by Albion, Bedford, Commer, Dennis, Dodge, Guy and Thornycroft shortly followed by Seddon Atkinson, a new marinised version was launched and during the war years a total of 5,500 engines were produced over 60% of the volume being marine applications. On the agricultural side many P6’s were used in the Fordson E27N tractor as well as in Massey Harris 744 tractors, the P6 engines remained Perkins biggest selling engine until 1956 when an annual volume of over 39,000 were built.

Although the P6 engine became outdated the creation of the larger bore 6.305 engine using a new CAV DPA injection pump helped maintain the engine in production until 1969, in total over 300,000 P6 were made in Peterborough.

We can even provide parts for Perkins engines that are no longer supported

We are able to offer parts for older Perkins engines where Perkins non longer support these engines with a wide range of parts. In order to service your requirements in most cases we will need you to provide your engine number, an example would be AA12345U123456P, the first two letters are the engine family and type code, the next 5 numbers are the parts list number, the letter subsequent to the 5 numbers is the country of manufacture which in most cases will be U for United Kingdom, this is then followed by a six digit engine serial number. If you need help finding the identification number for your engine, please contact us for advice.

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