Leyland Marshall

Morris Motors eventually became part of the British Leyland conglomerate, the new company was concerned by the poor sales of the Nuffield Tractor so renamed the brand as British Leyland, part of the re-branding was to move from the Nuffield Poppy Orange to a new two-tone blue for the tractors.

British Leyland built a range of tractors such as the 270 and 344 models, however funding was insufficient to develop new tractors and engines and its market position was gradually overtaken in sales by other tractor manufacturers.

Leyland Tractors was sold in 1981 and joined with Marshall as part of the Nickerson Corporation, the Leyland tractors were rebranded as Marshall with a Golden Harvest colour.

Marshall continued to have profitability issues and was resold to McConnell Tractors in 1991 before the company finally became defunct in the same year.

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